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High quality B2B financial infrastructure from EXANTE today? In 2011, Alexey and Anatoly joined Gatis Eglitis. It was decided to create a global investment company. In the summer of that same year, the partners registered the Exante broker. Upon registration, the organization received a license from the MFSA. In the first few months, the brokerage company attracted the attention of many investors and traders. Clients were interested in the uniqueness of the platform, which includes a single account that allows instant access to liquid global markets with a wide range of financial instruments. A year later, in 2012, a second EXANTE branch was registered in Cyprus and licensed by CySEC. This allowed him to expand the frontiers of the financial market and attract more clients. In 2019, the broker entered the East: by obtaining a license from the Hong Kong SFC, EXANTE’s financial activities reached a Southeast Asian audience.

He became a professional trader. Everything came together perfectly: a predisposition, a mathematical mentality, the right education and the first serious job. All doors were open for in the industry. He found himself in a society of professionals like himself. A community of like-minded and enthusiastic professionals encouraged him to develop in the field of commerce, to trade and to make new contacts. The environment influenced him to form connections in like-minded circles.Anatoly KnyazevLinks to an external site. See additional info on site.

Starting in 2011 in Malta, Exante offered the opportunity for domestic traders who chose to domicile their funds in Malta to fulfill their potential by offering a global infrastructure. At the time, Exante was the sole provider of global access to Malta-based investors. However, it is important to note that trade execution is only half the story. Exante was developed by professional traders such as Gatis Eglitis, for other professional traders, as a solution to the lack of sophistication in the trading market of the region. Exante also hosts a multi-asset fund platform, which operates solely online via the internet. Not only can funds trade global markets, they can also market themselves and their strategies to all of Exante’s global customers. As a result, under the leadership of Gatis Eglitis, the company became a one-stop-shop for investors from the entire world.

Having access to information on the operations of other bank operators helped Gatis to analyze the markets and make the right decisions. There is fierce competition between “institutional” operators and that helps to identify the weakest. In a difficult environment, only the most recent trade can show the success of a trader. A clear understanding of the situation, planning and development of strategic objectives led Eglitis to occupy the position of Director of Institutional Sales of the bank. Read extra details on

For banks and large financial institutions looking to leverage third party brokerage services and platforms. Benefit from regulatory compliance, fast setup and onboarding, market-tested technology, easy deployment and granular reporting. EXANTE is a next generation investment company that provides access to a variety of financial services, focusing on international financial markets. EXANTE is a financial and technological company with ten offices in Europe and Asia and over 500 employees. Our business is regulated by European law which ensures the corresponding safety and protection standards.

In 2005-2006, Alexey and his like-minded colleagues developed their own financial and investment strategies. Alexey and his partners created arbitrage between futures contracts with the help of robots, achieving high correlation and profit. It was a lot of money at the time. After graduating from university, Alexey Kirienko got a master’s degree in economics and became the main developer of a new business model, which later gained worldwide fame in the financial market. Find more details on site.