Quality computer technology school Canada with Thinnox STEAM

Best animation and film making school with Thinnox School: Acronym for Think. Innovate. Excel, THINNOX was founded in June 2006 on the core principles of personalized education planning, real-world-project-based learning experience, and career interest-based outcome orientation. THINNOX 360 is a unique, one of a kind opportunity for high school students at THINNOX to participate in a start-up, adopt a cause, develop brands, and build integrated technologies and sustainable solutions around real-world issues facing local or global communities. See extra info on https://www.facebook.com/ThinnoxSTEAM/.

THINNOX GDD offers a unique, hands-on training experience that takes students through every step of the Game Development process, starting with the game concept and ending with a completed game title in the chosen genre. The emphasis of the course is four fold: a solid understanding of the principles of Game Design; supreme comfort in using various tools of trade, including the game engine within the chosen genre; thorough understanding of the game development or software development life cycle and lastly, understanding of the students’ own potential as to how best you could contribute to the Game industry or how you could transfer game (software) design & development skills to other trades.

More advanced levels include programming, computer aided design and welding. STRIDE Engineering foundational program dovetails with offerings in Vex and Lego based platforms. The program puts additional emphasis on demonstrating mathematical competency that you need to master in order to do well in an increasingly technology-driven world. Additionally, you learn critical 21st century life skills, such as collaboration, creativity, communication, problem solving, project management, and critical thinking.

Architecture and Interior Space Design is a preparatory program designed for students who have a passion for space and/or intend to pursue an education and career in Architecture and Design. This program introduces you to building design, and design presentation methods. It develops your artistic sensibilities through manual and digital design techniques. Through your hands-on involvement with several projects the program enables you to recognize what an architectural idea is and how it can be further developed and treated. In the studio, you become familiar with the techniques and concerns of designers by drawing, model making, and proposing designs for several projects. At the close of the program you are provided opportunities to display your work to a wider audience.

THINNOX provides 110 hours of TED workshops annually to every student over and above the regular programming. This unique, immersive, learning by doing method, offers endless opportunities for students interested in making an early start at building the foundations and achieving progressive excellence in the fields of Technology, Engineering and Design, even as they pursue their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The involved and empathetic guidance counselling process, the feedback based program personalization process combined with systematic reporting mechanism delivers proven results for students, both, in and out of class rooms. See even more information on software development school.