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While not quite as user-friendly, test strips tend to be much less expensive and just as accurate when used correctly. Pregnancy test strips are smaller and flimsier than test sticks and are typically designed to be dipped into a cup of urine. You can also hold them under the stream, but they’re a little more difficult to handle (i.e., not drop in the toilet) and may not absorb the urine properly, which in turn may not give an accurate result. If you’re fixated *raises hand* on finding out if you’re pregnant and want to test every single day after you ovulate (or test 10 times even after you get a positive just to be sure), these strips are a great way to go!

Use The Power of Communication: At 2 years, your toddler has a decent power of comprehension. They are aware of things happening around them and can take and execute commands effectively. So, at that age, if you try to explain something, they can grasp what you are trying to convey and process it better than a few-month-old baby. Therefore, effective communication can assist you in weaning your toddler. Tell them that they are growing up. Encourage them by expressing that you are proud of them for being a big baby who can walk, talk and eat independently. Generate interest in them about the exciting things growing up can expose them to. In this process, sprinkle the fact that older babies no more require breast milk. Tell them they need to make space in their tummy by giving up breast milk to enjoy other, more delicious foods.

This is one of those safety pregnancy essentials you really shouldn’t do without. “Researchers have also found that a mother’s uterus and bladder are not as protected by the pelvis after 12 weeks gestation and can be more easily injured by blunt trauma,” according to YASA. Going through a compilation of studies about driving during pregnancy, we found that an estimated 3,000 pregnancies are lost every year from car crashes. The U.S. National Library of Medicine says car crashes “are the largest single cause of death for pregnancy women and the leading cause of traumatic fetal injury mortality in the United States.” That makes safe driving during pregnancy a rather big issue that’s not being discussed.

When should you take a pregnancy test? If you have been sexually active (even using contraception) and your period is late, it’s probably a good idea to take a pregnancy test. While there are other reasons your period could be late, an at-home pregnancy test is a good place to start. While many brands claim 99 percent accuracy, that depends on when you test. A large, third-party study shows that for some mainstream tests, it can be lower depending on when you test in relation to a missed period. The most accurate time to test is starting on the day of your missed period and the week after. See more info on mommed.com.