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Top property investment solutions Cyprus: We help buyers of our properties to sell them when needed. To do this, our group of companies includes a licensed real estate agency (Reg. No: 1043, License No: 61/E). In 2020, we have developed and implemented a new line of business – management of properties. Within the framework of this direction, we manage the complexes we have built. We monitor their cleanliness, maintain swimming pools and landscaped gardens, monitor the proper functioning of technical systems. In short, we ensure the maintenance of the properties at the highest level. We also provide services for the full furnishing of apartments and rent. Find additional details on

Main objective of Cyprus Developers Alliance is to make the process of property selection and acquisition as comfortable as possible. Cyprus Developers Alliance offers thousands of properties throughout the entire island in all property categories. The choice is truly versatile. We can offer several options of property selection. However, the most important process and our main task, as we see it, is not only to present and show projects. Most important is to clearly understand your goals! Sometimes even to help to clarify or even formulate them. After all, a buyer does not always know the realities of the Cypriot real estate market in order to clearly determine from the very beginning what will suit him/her best. Knowing the goals, we can offer the most suitable projects corresponding to them.

Here is a typical example of how the Government of Cyprus has solved the issue of properties of Turkish Cypriots who used to reside in the Southern part of the island and abandoned their houses leaving for the Northern unrecognized part of the island after the conflict of 1974. Such properties are simply left as they were while the rights of their owners are preserved inviolable until now. We are proud of the way we have solved this complex issue.

Here is an example. Suppose a developer has built an apartment house having obtained a credit from a bank to the amount of euro 500 thousand. A customer purchases one of the apartments amounting to euro 200 thousand from the developer. The bank calculates whatever share of the developer’s debt falls on this apartment as per the approved formula. Suppose this value comprises euro 40 thousand. The customer pays the apartment value in the following way – he/she transfers 160 thousand to the developer and 40 thousand to the bank. In response the bank prepares a document (that is called a waiver – assignment of claim) that implies that the bank does not have any claims related to this apartment. This document shall be issued prior or simultaneously with contract depositing.

In case you have purchased an apartment or a townhouse you will most likely not have to monitor the condition of your property when you are away from Cyprus. In the event that you have purchased a house and do not live in it on a permanent basis you will have to see to keeping your garden and probably fruit trees as well as swimming pool in an appropriate order. The Managing company of the Alliance at your request is ready to provide experienced and professional experts to you who will take care of your garden and swimming pool. We are also willing to provide you all the necessary assistance in case you wish afterwards to rent out or sell the property you have purchased.

Business. Many European, Russian, Indian and other companies have their head offices moved to Cyprus or open their representations there. This is connected with unique atmosphere created there for business. This is the lowest level of taxes in the EU and minimum of bureaucracy. Probably the most important thing is that foreigners whatever nationality they are and whether purchasing holiday houses or permanently residing on the island feel at home in Cyprus. Absolutely everyone feels good and comfortable there. Most likely for all that Cyprus phenomenon mostly consists in that very amazing atmosphere. Not accidental, that foreigners now account for more than 1 in 5 of the population. This is the second rate in Europe. Read additional information at CDA group.