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Top rated personal training North London: BTX coaches are known for perfecting every aspect of fitness and well-being to help successful professionals feel, look and perform at their very best. Join us today and elevate your fitness journey to achieve the body transformation of your dreams. Define your baseline – Get a true understanding of your body and starting point via our in-body composition scan, and professional blood work by our in house doctor. Nutrition Protocol – Let’s build your battle plan. Head Coach and Clinical Nutritionist James Cooper will put together your plan to success. Cardio Regime – We will prescribe you with a cardiovascular regime designed to dramatically increase your gas tank, improve your health, and torch fat. Discover even more info at online personal trainer.

Caffeine’s half-life is 5 hours. This means it takes 5 hours for half the caffeine to clear your system. Even though you’re able to fall asleep with caffeine, your sleep quality is dramatically affected. The same goes for alcohol. Alcohol is a sedative. It may knock you out, but you’re not getting proper sleep. If I hit you with a baseball bat and knocked you out. You may be unconscious for 8 hours, but It doesn’t mean you slept well. Your sleep cycle is also controlled by the day & night cycle, i.e. sunlight and darkness. Have you noticed when you pull an all-nighter, you start to get a second wind of energy when you make it till the morning? This is because your body’s sleep and wake cycle is also controlled by your internal body clock.

Food choices do matter. 300 calories from chicken breast is going to fill you up a lot more than 300 calories from your favourite sweet soda or a snack bar. Here are some simple tips that will help you stick to your diet and get you in shape in no time. Follow this advice and you’ll keep the excess kilograms off while not starving yourself or having sudden cravings: Don’t drink your calories – Stop drinking sugary drinks as it’s not going to keep you full. Same goes for protein shakes when you’re dieting. Yes protein shakes are great for convenience, but whole foods are going to keep you satisfied for much longer.

Personal training Hampstead today: We are a results-driven personal training studio in North London specialising in body transformations. From weight loss to muscle gain and an overall improvement in health, here are some of the before and after photos from men and women who achieved outstanding results through BTX 1-1 personal training sessions at our private gym in Hampstead and online coaching. James Cooper is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a degree from King’s College London. He has a deep understanding of nutrition and supplementation for maximum performance. He is referred to as the “model trainer” in Muscle and Fitness magazine and has become the go-to person for celebrities in need of shaping up for special events or photoshoots. His long list of clients includes TV personality Calum Best, Busted band member Matt Willis, models Rick Hall and Chris Percival. An athlete himself, James has competed in European and British Powerlifting finals and has a 3rd dan black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, receiving this rank from 10x world champion Roger Gracie. His intrinsic understanding of strength and conditioning has allowed James to specialise in training both high-level athletes, as well as top investment bankers, Lawyers and CEOs. James has them performing at the highest level inside and outside the gym. Find additional information on

What are the main Omega 3 benefits? Omega 3 can significantly reduce levels of triglycerides in the blood (see this study for some evidence) and raise the good cholesterol levels – the so-called HDL (scientific study), as well as lower the bad cholesterol – known as LDL (I have a study for that too!) This combination of benefits dramatically reduces your risk of heart disease. Omega-3s may also help treat autoimmune conditions such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis,?ulcerative colitis, ?Crohn’s disease, and psoriasis.

Switching it up – This is the most common mistake I see everyone make, and a lot of personal trainers too! You need to stick to the same sessions for a significant amount of time to get fitter. If you keep switching sessions you never know whether you’re improving or not. Which quite often is deliberate so you can hide away from being held accountable to your times. Stick to one machine – When starting your cardio stick to one piece of equipment. Rower, assault bike or ski erg and if you’re lighter and can run properly.